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Evolution of decorations in the UAE

18 May 2017

Evolution of decorations in the UAE


Art of decoration developments

Art Arkat is a new type of decoration that gives a great urban form used in the decoration of apartments as well as Emirates villas and many hotels.

It is a piece of wood cut and draped in distinctive shapes and designs adorned by the house and show unusually beautiful and wonderful, especially near the beautiful pieces of furniture.
Decor in the roofs of houses is a major development using gypsum
No one expected that the roofs of houses would be of such importance to people, especially when gypsum is used to build hanging roofs or surfaces in a way that gives the room a beautiful aesthetic view.
But the demand for it has become great in the past period because it is modern and sophisticated and also because it is an unprecedented form of beauty and magnificence and attract the attention of everyone who sees it.

Decor kitchen using marble materials

The kitchen is the perfect place in the house that contains marble and this marble is used in the construction of decorations in a very wonderful and simple form.
Especially since marble is very large and powerful, so it is used to build an attractive view and remains for as long as possible at a longer lifespan.
As well as when plumbing works kitchens are built in coordination with designers decorators who look for the best form using marble.
Evolution in decoration in flooring
Flooring is one of the most important things in the villas or in houses in general, which complete the public landscape and now there is a great evolution in the forms of flooring, which is built using ceramic tiles in the form of civilized and highly developed as well as previous periods.
One of the finest forms is the choice of a quiet ceramic color with one color without contention of colors with remarkable consistency with the shape of walls and walls

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