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How to choose suitable colors for wall paints and walls

06 May 2017

How to choose suitable colors for wall paints and walls

The color of the walls and walls is the artistic touch that gives the houses an innovative form and with the consistency of the colors of the house paints, the final scene becomes very distinctive. Therefore, choosing the colors of the walls and walls of the house is very important and therefore we present you this article.

Choose home colors based on furniture

So that the shape of the house is consistent from all directions The colors are chosen based on the furniture in the apartment and therefore the choice of classical furniture accompanied by the colors of calm gives a wonderful form of navigation and an elegant view of the rest of the eyes.

Diabetic, white and beige colors are used in most cases where they fit all furniture and do not cause any confusion to the owner of the house who suffers a lot when choosing the paints of his own apartments.

The color of the walls of the kitchen is dominated by many women, since the most important color of course should be comfortable for the eye because of spending the longest period on the day of the woman inside and therefore it is desirable that the kitchen is divided in the floor color a bit darker than the color of the ceiling as well as the walls are painted from the top color is lighter From the bottom of the wall and this gives a comfortable eye view of the eye.

Errors to avoid when painting walls

One of the mistakes that some people make when painting the walls and walls of the house is to choose colors and start painting them before they know what shape the wall might become.

Start painting the house before determining the style of the wall paint as well as the design and the special entrances, which often result in a color that is highly inappropriate.

Paint the house in dark colors in small spaces that are not aesthetically pleasing and well suited.

Tips on how to choose the colors of walls and walls

When starting this difficult task, we recommend that you frequently see images of the colors you have selected on walls in the works before you start to see the full shape before you do it practically.

We also recommend the Color Advisor program which contains 16000 colors which helps to choose colors in just 5 minutes.

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