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03 May 2017

External Designs

The façades of villas and houses are one of the most important reasons for attracting attention. The facades have become a vast area that is likely to have millions of creative facades with exquisite artistic touches, executed by a decorative design company specialized in the design of façades in both apartments, villas and palaces.

With the use of marble and many other materials with modern and sophisticated designs, the field of decoration has developed significantly in the past period significantly.

Forms of facades

There are many forms of façades used in villas to live in or palaces. These forms are the classic form of houses in ancient times that have a triangle shape from the top with windows in distinctive colors with distinctive color in the walls and walls of the house or the elephant from the outside.

In most cases, the color format is only two colors for the upper part and the same color is used in door and window paint.

And another color is painted by the walls and walls of the house and is often a light color as white.

One of the forms of the facade designs are also the modern designs that contain a contemporary form of large and artistic and creative, and in these things are used very simple but give a wonderful shape and the use of colors are very close to the different degrees of color and are tilted to the color is very dark.

There is also a type of façade designs, the bulk of which is either a glass of either moderate or slanted glass. This type also gives a great view of the facade of the house from the outside as well as from the inside when using this glass to look behind it for everything outside and the color of this glass is mostly in color Blue, brown or tinted colors for dark colors.

For the implementation of the facade of a house or a wonderful villa prefer a request for a specialized design company and has a history of work in the implementation of the design of the facades and the companies of the design of the facades provide many examples that can be applied and has a lot of creative touches in the facades, which gives a beautiful aesthetic view and suit all tastes .

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